Saturday, February 07, 2009

Beer on Friday makes the week worthwhile.

Vancouver weather seems to be back to normal. The snow is gone, we have rain three days out of seven (or thereabouts) and I no longer need gloves when going outside.

I'm especially happy about that last bit.

Things have been pretty hectic at the office lately, but we did manage to push out an important release to our software. Bringing on a new customer is always a busy time for us and in the current economic climate, we all know how important it is. At my company, bringing on a new customer always means beer on Friday.

If I had my way, we would have a new customer every damn week.

I have been finding it harder to come up with things to post about here lately. I think in part it has been because I've become more active posting on Louise's blog and also I find I have increased my usaage of sites like twitter and facebook. I blame my ipod for that. Both of those 'social networking' sites are better suited for quick, short replies to people and so are mobile devices. Contrast that with my typical blog post which would be painful to create on such a device. Maybe I should be looking at a netbook with a decent keyboard?


Derek said...

P.S. Still lots of snow here on the ground by Metrotown. Our street may be one of the only ones left, but I still can't see our front lawn, or park by the curb in front of our house. This is well over a month since the last serious snowfall.

iTripped said...

yeah, it's amazing what a little elevation will do. Of course later this summer, we will be at a comfortable 25 with a cool breeze while you are roasting in a sticky 32 so I guess it all works out.