Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fifty Valentine Days

Valentine's day arrived and I had a full day planned. My 'West Coast Parents' were having their fiftieth wedding anniversary. I think they got married around the age of twelve or so, because they certainly don't look or act like people who were at the age of legal consent fifty years ago. I hope I do as well.

The general plan was they were having an open house for any and all to drop by - and drop by they did. I was on hand to answer the door, take coats and ensure the guest book was signed. Other friends of theirs were brought in to help with catering, fixing drinks and the like. Over a hundred people arrived, some staying briefly while others reveled into the night. By the time my wife and I left, it was clear that they were happy with how things turned out.

Lasting fifty years of marriage is a rare accomplishment. I have heard people say that it was easier back then, etc. but the bottom line is that it is still quite a feat. The prime minister of the nation, along with the Governor General and other dignitaries don't autograph plaques to commemorate the event for nothing. Art, Mary Lee, congratulations. Fifty looks good on the two of you.

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