Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Biker food for pedestrians

It has been a while since I blogged last, at least here on iTripped. I haven't had much to say here, in part because I have been blogging quite a bit over on Heavy Breathing. Until Louise's condition improves, I don't really see that changing much.

Of course, things are still happening around here despite the drama with my dog. Earlier this week I took my team out for lunch at some fancy place called Campagnolo. Being a bike enthusiast, the name of the place appealed to me and other people at work said it was good, so that was enough to decide where to go. It turns out that the name has nothing at all to do with bikes, but rather a reference to simple, home style cooking. Which is odd, because it seemed kind of fancy schmancy to me, like it was designed for lawyers and bankers and the like. Still, we were comfortable and the food was really good. About the only bad thing we could say about it was that it is located in a sketchy part of town - but that also meant it was close enough to the office that we could walk there. Yes, we work in that same part of town.

But at least we can see the Olympic Village? That's gotta be a plus, right? No?


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