Monday, January 12, 2009

Car Coop Adventures #2

We booked another car through the coop yesterday primarily so we could go to IKEA, and then on to a variety of other stores. One of the nice things about the coop is that when we arrive there, we don't have to search for parking - they have two spots reserved for us coop members.

Look closely at the photo - in it you will see my coop car parked NEXT to the two reserved spots - that were unusable because someone at IKEA decided to pile the snow there. The car is actually parked in the hybrid vehicle section while I took the picture. By the time I was done with that, another, normal spot opened up so I took it.

Why are spots reserved for hybrid vehicles plowed but not the car coop ones? By pushing all the snow into that corner, it will remain for months now, rendering those spots unusable for a long time.

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