Thursday, January 01, 2009


Going back and forth to the office this past week has been filled with hazards I don't normally have to deal with. For one, we have had a lot of snow lately, much more than is typical for this time of year. The temperatures have been fluctuating to something above melting during the day, and something below at night. The magic recipie for black ice! I do notice a big difference in how much traction I have depending on which shoes or boots I am wearing.

Another hazard, or obstacle course, would be the exit stairwell in our building. There is a florist on the bottom floor and they have this habit of filling up the space at the bottom with extra stuff. I'm sure this violates all sorts of fire safety restrictions. According to the person we had to squeeze past, it will all be cleared out in a 'few days or so'. We use this exit quite a bit since our desks are close to the door, but in case of fire, we would all HAVE to use it as the elevator would no longer be working. Unlike the florist, we wouldn't have other exit options aside from the two stairwells.

Then we saw this contraption on the roof of a nearby building while out for lunch. Our best guess is that it is a camera but dang, that looks like some sort of automated gun. Maybe I have been playing too many video games. Hallways filled with boxes and junk and automated turrets are in too many games. At least they haven't thought about making a shooter game with black ice.

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