Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tri-Freeze-athon in Vancouver

All week the city has been preparing for the Triathlon, and it has included street closures and a fair bit of coordination and setup. This is a shot of the finish line (I think) as well as one of the more interesting buildings in the city. I am referring to the one with a tree growing on top.

I also noticed all the scooters required for the event - there were so many I was wondering if it was a motorized triathlon instead. Actually, that could be fun - a boat race followed by a motorcycle (or scooter) race followed by a segway race. Ok, maybe that's just a crazy thought.

Anyway, the weather has been so crappy here that I noticed on the news today that they first tried abbreviating the swim portion of the tri-race, and later decided to abort it all together in some categories - because some athletes were getting hypothermia. Yes folks, it was cold enough in Vancouver to catch hypothermia in June. Somehow I doubt this is the kind of record that the city wants it's name associated with, but here we are. This is a first for the sport.

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