Thursday, June 26, 2008

No longer sharing our laundry

For the past while, we have been using the laundry facilities in our condo building because our clothes dryer stopped heating up. Tonight we decided to replace the old with the new and got a replacement dryer. Bonus feature: we don't have to use the shared facilities any more.

Seriously, you see the worst side of some people when you have to share laundry machines.

I'm going to let it go though, since we can once again return to doing our laundry in-suite. In a totally unrelated note, today's photo was taken while out walking the dog and is of a condo on Bayshore Drive, I believe. The wooden dory reminded me of home, although I suspect that a boat like that would still be put to use and not simply a decoration if it was near the Atlantic. Still, they did a nice job with it, so I'll just admire it for what it is.

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