Sunday, June 01, 2008

Aggressive Crows

We had some friendly gardeners come to take out some bushes we had growing on our balcony today. Earlier I had advertised them on craigslist as free to whomever could come take them away. These were just the sort of people I was hoping for. It was a fair amount of work as they had to dig around the root base, dodge some over protective crows that had babies on the other side of the fence and haul the bush they wanted to keep out of there. When all was said and done, they even gave us a bottle of wine as a gift! Thanks, gardeners!

I have never been more excited about an empty patch of dirt before.

As I mentioned, these crows were not pleased to have us out there today. The would swoop down to strike me on the back, peck the branches in frustration and at one point, they even shat on me. I know that's supposed to be lucky, but I was pretty happy to change my shirt once it was all done. We did see the young crows too - they were not quite fully grown and could not quite fly so they were on the ground hiding in the corners. I suppose I can understand the parent crows being protective. If they weren't squawking so much I would have endorsed their stay, as I haven't seen a skunk or squirrel in days. But after getting bird poop on me, I no longer feel bad for throwing rocks at them to chase them off.

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