Friday, June 27, 2008

Testers report bugs for dead frogs

Once again we find ourselves testing software later in the day as we attempt to meet a self-imposed deadline. It's not all bad though - to keep morale high I picked up a few drinks for the crew. While it was generally well received, it did not arrive until the bulk of the work was already done which is probably good, because there is only so much value to be had from a tester 'simulating drunk user' testing. Not that we imbibed anywhere near that amount. And we would know if we did, because people would start looking like this. Fortunately, that was not the case, at least not today.

Oddly, one of the things I like best about the first photograph is the newsprint on the paper that was hastily used as a backdrop. The article talks about the reaction people had when Fox News used a banner graphic about Barak Obama that came off as racist. For me, it's like embedding a little time capsule into the blog. Okay, maybe that's overstating it a little bit, maybe in 5 or 10 years I will not care at all. Only time will tell.

The second picture of course, is of a real dead frog, or as Greg likes to call 'em, dead dead frogs.

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