Friday, April 11, 2008

Land Yacht, white elephant

I don't have a car. But I am a car enthusiast. I like sport cars, off road vehicles, old cars and convertibles. I'm not a fan of four doors or practicality as a rule. Which is probably part of the reason I don't have a car.

If I was to buy a car, practicality would rule my decision making. It would have 4 doors. It would be economical. It would be an automatic. It would be most things I hate in cars and very few things I like, because those are the only cars I can justify owning.

So I suppose it is only fitting that I see cars like these at the marina where I walk the dog. Expensive. Curvy. Uneconomical. Just like most yachts. It only makes sense that the people interested in expensive boats are also interested in expensive cars. They are the only ones who can afford to fuel 'em up.

Oh ya, I included two car photos to appease other enthusiasts. Some like 'em big and old while others like 'em small and new. Whatever. Both of these cars made me say 'ya, that's cool.'

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Derek said...

It's funny, despite being a techie geek I've never been all that keen on, (a) fancy cars or, (b) fancy cell phones. My phone is basic, and our cars are a Ford Focus station wagon and a Toyota Echo sedan, both fuel-efficient, small, practical, and pretty dull. Just my style.

Days like today, though, a convertible would be fun.