Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dave and Noel, Sun Walkers

Dave and Noel, Sun Walkers
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So this morning was the day of the Vancouver Sun Run, and a bunch of us from work participated. It's one of those events I look forward to every year now, even though I haven't been in it very long. The distance is just right, the route is through downtown and Kitsilano, and there are bands scattered all along the course which adds that 'something extra' to the run.

This year I walked it with Noel, who was pushing his son in a stroller. This relegated us to the back of the pack and with the stroller we weren't exactly going to push through the ranks without injuring other people. We finished just before the race went into hour three (but we didn't start until about 1:15 after the 'official' start.) We crossed the finish line with the 'Hiking Vikings' who were also wearing Viking hats.

So yes, every now and then I do post a picture of me on my blog. Enjoy it Mom.

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