Monday, April 28, 2008

I gots nothin

Sometimes, posting to this blog can be very difficult for me. I just have nothing to say. By contrast, posting to Louise's blog is easy to do: take a photo or two, pick the best of the bunch and generally write about what was going on when I took it. Mention any dog-specific things I happen to think of and voila! A new post is born.

Maybe it is because this blog is way less focused. Actually, I think that is exactly why I post less here. Well that, and I also prefer to include a picture of some sort too, and well some days, all I have to show for my efforts are dog photos. I've taken pictures of our cats before, but they are indoor animals and honestly, how many pictures of a cat on the same sofa does the world need?

It is also possible that I've been affected by taking Derek's advice: I started listening to CBC podcasts, specifically As It Happens (a favorite I got used to when traveling from Vancouver to Vernon every weekend) and Ideas. One is stylized news and the other is weighty, intellectual stuff like pondering Quebec's place in Canada by men with tenure at universities. Not at all the same calibre of writing that my reader(s) enjoy here. One could argue that I am fresh out of ideas of my own because I'm busy dwelling on the ideas of others.

Oh crap, now I have another podcast to download - it seems Derek is soon to be featured on Spark, yet another CBC podcast. I swear to you, he's poisoning my mind with all this intellectual stuff.

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