Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Water Taxi to the rescue

Since I had the dog with me at work yesterday, I decided to shorten our walk home by taking the water taxi. In short, I'm glad I did. The walk was long enough as it was, and besides - it was a nice sunny afternoon. The perfect day for a boat ride.

The boat operator had no problems with me bringing a dog on board, so with that out of the way, we boarded the boat and set off. There were many sights to see, but Louise missed most of them because she was too short to see out of most of the windows, and besides, she just wanted to sit and relax on the bench. Either that, or investigate the storage compartments that were stuffed with lifejackets.

I probably won't be a regular water taxi user, but it is nice for the occasional trip. Just one of the many perks of living in this city. I did enjoy getting a chance to see parts of downtown from a different perspective.

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