Friday, March 30, 2007

Dining out for life

Last night we participated in the Dining Out for Life campaign in Vancouver. It's a huge event that raises money to help a couple AIDS related charities in the area. Restaurants donated 25% of the proceeds to the causes.

We ate at a local restaurant called Characters which we chose because they were closest to our place. Well that, and they also served a roast lamb dinner. I really like lamb - so much so that I am willing to put up with a greek salad (which I am not fond of because I don't really like cucumbers) in order to get it. The food was good, the wine was good, dessert was also good. If you haven't noticed, I am not much of a food critic. We had a good time, and that's pretty much good enough for me.


ray said...

How's that compared to Stephos?

Cath said...

Your blog came up on my Google search because you mentioned Dining Out For Life. I work for one of those charities, A Loving Spoonful and without you we are toast. I’m going to try and tell you what your night our means to us. We got a phone call yesterday afternoon… the midst of opening and counting all the amazing donations from over 200 restaurants…..from the Oak Tree Clinic. They were asking for emergency service for one of their patients. She had been a client of ours but had disappeared from the radar in early January. She has a small child and also a new baby. She has AIDS. She is one of many who slips between the cracks for assistance after the baby is born and cannot afford to purchase formula for her child. The HIV virus can be transmitted through breast-feeding so every year we spend about forty thousand dollars on formula for these wee babies. I stopped by on my way home with the formula and found her and her children in a small, cold, empty, dreary apartment in the east end. They were one of the families displaced when fire destroyed an apartment in December. She had little food and has been to sick to shop or make arrangements for assistance of some sort. Putting food on her table and into the mouths of her children is what your dinner at Characters accomplished. I cannot personally thank the faceless, nameless people who take the opportunity to go to the restaurants on this special night and support what we do everyday so finding this blog and have the chance to say THANK YOU directly to you is pretty special!! So….THANK YOU!! And by the way…..we are always looking for volunteers.
Catherine - A loving Spoonful – 604-682-6325

iTripped said...

Ray: I can't compare - I haven't made it past the long lineups at Stepho's yet. I'm usually too hungry to wait.

Cath: You're welcome! I'm glad that all of us who ate out that day were able to contribute in some way.