Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Landmarks new and old

The other day I found a cell phone on the ground. Well, my dog happened to take a dump a few inches away from it, so I guess she found it. Whatever. The bottom line is that I then had to run around to find a cellular store for that brand so I could return it.

I was motivated to return it because it was so damn noisy. Honestly, some people like phones that beep and blink ALL THE TIME.

So because of this, I had to modify my route home a little bit. In so doing, I got to walk past a few of the landmarks in downtown Vancouver. Notably, the new Olympic clock thing that was recently defaced by protesters, and the Vancouver Art Museum.

I noticed a photographer taking pictures of the building across the street from the museum - this is my blatant copy of the photo he was going for. My only defense is that my photo is about twenty feet to the left of where this guy was standing. Is there really any harm in learning from the pros?

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