Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saint Patrick's Day Madness

So it's St. Patrick's day, which is also my brother's birthday. I am wearing green, have spilled something on me, and have been out in the rain enough to get my feet soaked at least twice. St. Patrick's day will be over in Ireland before I have my first drink of the evening.

Rumor on the street is that all the pubs and bars in town are 'standing room only' tonight. That certainly will complicate things, to be sure. I already have one friend who tried to go early, and could not get in. (He must have not brought an umbrella.) The big problem with 'standing room only' is that those waiting outside generally get soaked, and don't even get served beer during the process.

This means we may need a version 2.0 of tonight's plan. Well, make that 3.0, since we already revised it once before. Somehow, somewhere, we will find a suitable place to celebrate.


chefkoch said...

Shame on you. Men of your advanced age should learn to drink in moderation!

What's "standing room only", mr drunkard?

iTripped said...

'Standing Room Only' is when the establishment is so full of people, there are no seats left. You don't have to drink to know that term.

And for the record, I kept within moderation. Somewhat. :)

chefkoch said...