Monday, October 23, 2006

You never know who you will meet

This morning I still had to return the rental car from the weekend, so I was a little later than usual getting into the office. One thing I noted about Enterprise, is they REALLY like to go over their cars when you take delivery or drop them off. We must have wasted about 20 mins looking at this car that obviously had no damage to it before they would let me pay for things and be on my way. This, despite the fact that there was someone waiting to rent it again immediately. But, their car, their rules I guess. A bit of a delay, but otherwise no real hassle.

Now the rental place is only a block away from my office. As I was walking out, who should I see, but Gwilli, who was also on the way to his office. After a brief chat, we both headed in to serve our time.... er, happily contribute to the goals of our employers. Or something like that. I vaguely remember G saying something about wanting to find a job that doesn't actually require the 'work' component. I suppose it is good to have aspirations.

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