Friday, October 06, 2006

I said my goodbyes and left

Today was my last day at work here in Vernon. I'll start my new job on Tuesday, right after the long weekend.

The team of testers who worked with me decided that they wanted to buy me lunch on my last day. They certainly didn't have to, so I appreciated the gesture all the more. I'm sure that some, if not all of them will read this at some point. Lani, Paul, Les and Kevin: thanks for lunch and for being a great team. It was always fun to work with you. The only thing I regret is that we didn't take a picture of the team when we had the chance.

Soon after lunch I decided to end my day - after all, I had all this banked overtime and one or two things to do around the house. Okay, more like about four hundred little things to do around the house, but who's counting? Working in the Vernon office was fun, and I will miss it. But I'm equally sure that I'm going to have a total blast working in Vancouver as well.


K.A said...

I'm still waiting for that BBQ invite, you know. Vernon, Vancouver, no biggie.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
Good luck with the new job.
I will miss you at PSI, who am I going to talk 'digg' with now!

scrpiron said...

Hey Dave, congratulations on the new job, I hope it goes well, Mom just told me about it yesterday.