Thursday, October 12, 2006

So long Gary, and good luck

I was hired into my new job by a man named Gary.

Three days after I start, Gary no longer works for the company.

Before you all start, these two events are not related.

While it sounds bad, in reality I do not think it will change things too much for me. I will still have my job to do, and there is much to do at that. I'm still full of questions tonight, as the official company meeting doesn't happen until tomorrow morning. But the questions I have are detailed questions like 'who do I report to now' instead of wondering if I have a job or not. (I still do.)

The company I work for has a solid management team and I know they didn't take this decision lightly.

I'm really at a loss to say more than that at this time.


K.A said...

There's got to be some irony in there..

Well, somewhere. Good luck anyhow!

Anonymous said...

all his base are belong to you!

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