Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hit the ground running? If only.

So I'm in Vancouver now, but haven't had much time to reconnect with people I know here. The new job is keeping me pretty busy, but the people I work with help make the days go by quickly.

Luckily, I am staying with family so I haven't been feeling too homesick so far. I do miss my wife, and my dog but I will be seeing them soon (next weekend). To help pass the time I have been playing video games with my cousin after supper. Nothing relieves stress quite like taking a shotgun to dozens of enemy drones, or shooting rocket launchers at attack helicopters.

Anyway, I made it. I'm back in Vancouver. I'd hardly say I hit the ground running, but I'll get there.

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Endless Drool said...

Welcome back, Dave. :-)