Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Forgot my umbrella

Yesterday when I left to go to work, it was drizzling slightly. I chose to bring my umbrella and naturally, things cleared up and I did not need it coming home. So of course, this morning when I left, I figured that I did not need it.

And yes, it was raining when I left the office.

Luckily, it wasn't raining all THAT hard outside. Just enough to get me only partially soaked, I guess. For the record: if it shows even a HINT of rain tomorrow morning, I'll be bringing my umbrella.

Of course, by Friday this really won't matter - the car rental office is much closer to work than the skytrain station. It can be pouring buckets and I should be ok. (I'll still bring my umbrella, just in case) Once I am on the road in the rental car, I probably won't make more than one stop (in Sumas, for gas) on the way back to Vernon.

It's a good thing I like the drive along the Coquihalla highway.

1 comment:

Vegetapaul said...

Just be happy I'm not travelling to the coast this weekend!

Oh and I did last week and things went JUST FINE.

Have a good trip!