Saturday, July 22, 2006

Been a long time

I wish I could say I was busy, and that was why I haven't updated in a while. Well, I sort of can - here is what has been going on with me lately:

- I got the vinyl floor glued in the entranceway. Now all that is left is installing some trim - for that part of the house. This is a good thing though, as we went an entire week with the piece of vinyl laying on the kitchen floor (it was stored in a roll, and this was an effort to un-curl it. Mostly successful, too.)

- The Dragon Boat races are here in Vernon once again. I blogged about it last year, and we will head down to the beach again tomorrow. The only problem with that beach is that we can't bring Louise. But then again, she would just get overheated anyhow.

- I have been revisiting some old video game classics. Well, classic games to me, at least. I installed Hitman: Codename 47 today and also dusted off Thief II. I'm doing this because they are about the best games I can expect to run on my home computer.

Oh crap, I forgot to call the cable company and cancel our service. We talked about it a few days ago, and decided that we weren't really watching TV anymore, so why pay for it? I find we download and watch way more content, or just spend time on the computers instead of the tube. I'm sure there will be more on this later, as it happens (and more importantly, as I start suffering withdrawl in September when the new shows start.)

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