Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lobster nite

Tonight's supper should be extra tasty.

Lobster will be served.

I can really wrap it up there. I like lobster - a lot. If you read this, you already know that. I'm already preparing the neccesary defenses to keep the cats away from my plate.

Now as for the picture, it's a freehand doodle I did after browsing to the lunch at the village blog. Over there they pointed out a neat little site that simulates spilling oil paints. Gwilli was bright enough to figure out a way to 'break' it, which I have used here. What he did was to right click and choose zoom in. At this point, the website stops drawing with heavy strokes, and only uses a thin line instead. Go ahead and try it - clicking changes colour, and otherwise you cannot 'lift the pen', so to speak.

On my picture, you can see the big black splotches that were created before I zoomed in/out. Also, I tried to sign it at the bottom. Didn't work so well, heh. But go ahead and TRY to draw a better picture.


novulet said...

behold you mere mortals:

trackpad art

iTripped said...

Heh. Very nice touch. I could go on about the choice in colours, etc. but you would all know I was posing anyway.

FiReMaGe said...

Here is the ship that would sail above yours:

The EC-88

iTripped said...

For those who don't know already, Firemage drew a classic space ship from Vendetta Online.

Aeternalis said...

It's... art.

It's... my morning coffee.


This thing is fun.

iTripped said...

I'm torn by this picture. On the one hand, a cup of coffee is always a lovely thing. But on the other, microwaved (or 'nuked') coffee is an abomination.

But still, a great rendition. I like it.

Aeternalis said...

Oh no, it wasn't microwaved. It was just incredibly strong.