Monday, July 24, 2006

A sick cat makes for a shitty day

This morning I woke up and had to walk to work instead of bike, due to a flat tire. No big deal, walking takes roughly the same time as catching the bus (because of the route they take) so I figured I would enjoy the morning sunshine. My plan was to pick up a tube at lunch so that my bike could be ready for tomorrow.

Shortly after arriving at the office, my wife called and informed me that one of our cats was sick. We keep two of them in a rather large pet cage overnight, and well, there was shit all over the bottom of it. To top it off, we didn't realize this at first, so we had two cats with shitty paws wandering through the house. Needless to say, my wife was busy washing the sick cat and mopping the floors. The cage made it outside for later.

My wife also informed me that the other cat just happened to puke up the world's largest hairball on my side of the bed. If she wasn't already busy enough, now extra laundry got added to the list, along with another cleanup. The only good news is that Louise slept most of the day away, which made cleaning up much easier than doing so under constant pug scrutiny. (Read: "Louise! Get out of that! NOW!")

Later, when I was home from work we discovered that the not-sick cat also had some more shit on her, and needed a bath. This turned into a game of 'catch the unwilling participant,' starring said cat. Of course, the unlucky winner was me, since I caught the cat, and it was just simpler and easier if I proceeded to carry her off to the bathtub.

Let me just say that this cat reacted poorly in the tub.

There were howls. There were mad attepmts to flee. There was much shedding of fur. At one point she may have even been foaming at the mouth and at no point was there ANY cooperation from this cat. She was not pleased. When the ordeal was done, my wife swooped in with a towel, deftly wrapped the cat in it and carted her out of the bathroom. Net effect: my wife, the Hero in the cat's eyes for rescuing her from the torture treatment, me the evil torturer who shall not be forgiven (at least for the night - this cat doesn't hold much of a grudge, luckily.)

Anyway, as I type this out, all of today's little disasters are behind us and while a little tired, I'm hoping one day we can laugh about it. I'm sure some of you are laughing already.

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Aeternalis said...

Karma, man. You had that hairball coming.