Saturday, July 01, 2006

Canada Day

Today is Canada Day, and it also happens to be the anniversary of our wedding. (It's been six happy years, thanks for asking.) This year gone by marks only the second time since we were married that we did not move. However, in place of moving, we had a steady stream of renovation work to do.

Of course, tonight we will go out for a nice meal at the Phoenix. It's a steakhouse, but the menu is varied enough that we can both find something tasty to eat. They also have fantastic deserts, so I'll have to save some room when eating my main course.

Of course, one advantage of having our anniversary on Canada Day is that there is usually fireworks that night. While Vernon might not be the largest city around, they will have their own display at 10:15 pm. As for the photo, it's a random one I scooped from the internet - if you recognize it as yours, congratulations, it was the best looking one in the bunch served up by Google.

Anyhow, have a happy Canada Day, everyone.

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Aeternalis said...

(It's been six happy years, thanks for asking.)

... "happy"? Whoa.

Nah, I'm playing. Congrats, ya old farts. You're making the kids in Hollywood look bad.