Monday, July 25, 2005

Dragonboat festival

Me and the dragon
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The dragonboat festival rowed into town last weekend, and we were there to cheer on the teams. Or one team, as a buddy of mine was rowing for Pacific Reach. They are one of the more competitive teams on the West Coast and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to practice on the boats we were using at the festival. This was important to them because they have a major race in Calgary in a couple weeks, where the same boats will be used.

Team Pacific Reach
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None of that really mattered to me though. It was just good to have a couple friends in town to visit with and also an excuse to spend the weekend on the beach.

After the races were done, the team Pacific Reach decided to have a little fun. They were going to try to pull a water skiier behind their dragonboat. So my buddy's girlfriend volunteered and they managed to do it.

Successful launch

Boat and skiier


iTripped said...

...and before anybody starts, yes I do know that I need a haircut.

Chris Trolitsch said...

No comment ;) I saw Mythbusters do the same thing with a rowing team... Kinda speedy buggers aaren't they.

iTripped said...

Yeah, we considered making the trip to Calgary next weekend to see the race, but opted to work on the floors instead. I really want to get that job done.