Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fast food - DENIED

Sometimes I hate this town. Last night was one of those times. I had a meeting to go to last night, so by the time I got home and settled in it was a little later than usual. We ate kind of light at suppertime, so around 11:00 PM my wife was a little hungry. I offered to go pick her up something since I wasn't tired yet. She decided she would like something from Wendy's. Perfect - I set out on my errand.

When I arrive, there are 2 other cars in the drive thru lane. I figured that 2 was a good number. Things proceeded quickly, and I made it to the order board. At that point I was informed that the drive thru was closed for the evening - it was a little after 11. I had to ask a couple times, I was that surprised. I thought the whole point of drive thru service was that you could get junk food later if you wanted.

So at that point I was mad at the Wendy's franchise. I figured I would support their competitors instead. Luckily, Burger King is only a block away from Wendy's - I head over there, and find that they are also closed! I drive through town on the way home and confirm that Dairy Queen, A&W and others are also all closed.

All I can say is God bless Tim Horton's. They are always open.

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