Thursday, June 01, 2006

So is anyone else ready to ditch cable TV?

So now that all the season finales are done, we find ourselves watching a lot less TV. We have even started to wonder why we still get cable TV, since most nights there isn't anything we want to watch on the tube. Now that a lot of networks are encouraging viewers to download the shows the day after they are aired, I'm left contemplating life after cable TV.

All in all, I don't think it would be that bad.

We already have high speed internet, courtesy of a DSL line. I was also happy with the high speed service offered by the local cable retailer when I had it. I'm a price-conscious shopper when it comes to internet - I'll switch for a lower rate. If internet also offers me TV content for the same price, it seriously devalues my cable TV subscription.

Come to think of it, the resolution and overall picture quality is way better on either of our monitors as compared to the TV set.


Anonymous said...

I haven't had cable for 5 years. I use to worry about my son (jr. high) missing out on some cultural common viewing experience (like Giligan's Island...when I was young). Then I realized that there is SO MUCH stuff on cable that there isn's really much of a common cultural viewing experience anyway (Not like there was when there were only 3 channels.) Anyway, with the internet and DVDs he/we don't really miss it very much. When we do sit down to watch something, it is a conscious choice. The danger of cable (for me) is getting sucked into mindless junk and wasting time. I only miss HGTV! I wish the cable companies would let you order 5 channels for $10/month..then I would do it...otherwise it's a waste of my money.

gwilli said...

I've been cable free for years, too. it's all about downloading what I wanna see and watching it on my computer. which also happens to be a way better display than my TV. plus, my bunny ears get me 5 channels here, anyway.

cable tv providers said...

Paying $100 a month is nuts! Netflix and Roku has been a great thing for us. Between that and streaming shows we want to see on the web, we don't miss cable in the least bit.