Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Relaxing on the patio

Summer is here and it seems like this is the first year we are actually using our patio. I really enjoy being able to hang out there in the evenings after work, watering the plants and just hanging out in the shade. Or even better, to enjoy a cold drink on a warm night. About the only thing that prevents us from really enjoying it much at night are the mosquitoes, but once it dries up around here like it usually does, that shouldn't be a problem.

Of course, the patio furnature we have is in dire need of refinishing - and the cushions in need of outright replacing. But that just means we don't care if the dog or cats hop up and if we spill something, that's not a big deal either. It's a quiet place where I can pretend I'm a gardener as I water my dozen or so potted plants, and Louise can bark at a few passing cars if she likes. Sophie, well she would hang out there all day if we let her - we have already had at least one request to relocate a litter box out there.

And of course, now that the laptop has the wifi card installed, I am able to hang out on my patio and browse the internet (or update my blog) while sipping back a cold vodka and cranberry drink, or beer, depending on my mood. Yep, just sit back and relax.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a table with a patio umbrella? If so, I would highly recommend an umbrella screen. It's netting that fits over the patio umbrella and hangs down to the ground. You can sit comfortably inside and enjoy the outside! :)
I got mine off the web. Sorry, don't remember where.

iTripped said...

No, our balcony is partially covered by our roof. It's quite nice - it keeps most of the breezes at arm's length.

Also, it's already starting to warm up around here. I suspect the mosquitoe's days are numbered.