Monday, June 12, 2006

More concrete to pour

So this weekend I resumed my entryway project. I used up the last of the original bag offloor leveling concrete, and set about mixing up the next bag.

One small problem became readily apparent: this was different stuff, and they didn't give a proper mix ratio. And what they did give didn't seem to make much sense.

One good thing about all these do-it-yourself renovation superstores is they become the functional equivalent of technical support. Not sure how to use that bag of cement? Call Rona (or Home Depot, or Home Hardware, etc.) and ask. They are only too happy to help. So that's just what I did. The person on the other end of the phone wasn't entirely sure what the answer to my question was, but he at least gave me the amount of water required for the whole bag. Some simple math divided it down from there, and then I was ready to mix, if a bit skeptical.

The difference between the old stuff I had and the new is that this was self-levelling cement. So it poured out like a soupy pudding mess, slowly settled into a level puddle and then hardened into place. The finish was much smoother than before, so I'm very happy with the product. I used up the entire bag, and will probably go through another one by the time I get things to the right height.

So basically, I'm one step closer to putting down the vinyl floor in the entrance.


scrpiron said...

Hey, good for you, being the do-it-yourselfer. I've been building too, Dog house, clothesline extender for the deck, floor in the shed etc.
Yeah, Rona, Home depot etc are pretty cool.
Hope everything else is good for you.
-Your ever lovin' brother.

Rae said...

Home improvement projects are never easy.

I decided to take down wallpaper in my master bath a few months ago. It ended up so bad-that I left it incomplete and simply shut the door to the bathroom and haven't opened it since. I'm afraid I'll end up busting down walls out of anger if I look at it.