Monday, May 01, 2006

At least they waited until spring

Remember the homeless guy who lives outside my office window? Well today a backhoe and dumptruck pulled into the lot, and started to remove his stuff. There is a cop supervising the activity, and at least three workers. Another man is on-site, presumably the owner, or developer of the vacant lot.

Of all the days for me to be without a camera.

I will say this - there was a LOT of stuff. That dumptruck is mostly filled (it's pulling away now.) It probably took the crew about an hour in total to clean out the area. About half the office floor came over to our windows for a good look at the workers doing their job. I'd say that was a pretty clear indication that we are either easily amused, or simply have no lives.

Oh well, I hope Mr. Homeless guy has found a new home by now.

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