Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Renovation update - flooring complete

Well yay for us - we finished laying down the laminate flooring last weekend. Although it now seems that we are also being screwed over by the flooring company who sold us the wood. (they are King of Floor, in case you are wondering) It seems that if you don't pick up your merchandise in a timely fashion, they will turn around and sell it to someone else without notifying you, or making any attempt to rectify the situation. Lucky for us, we had JUST enough wood to complete the last room.

Of course, that still leaves plenty of things for us to work on - but I for one will be happy to be done with the green dust. (FYI - the 'green dust' is the sawdust generated from cutting the laminate boards, as the wood used to make them is coloured green.)

It also helped that we had company over for dinner recently, which forced me to get off my lazy behind and actually clean most of the house. It is so much nicer in the condo now - who knew?


Endless Drool said...

Congrats on getting the flooring done, and kudos for doing it yourself. When we did ours, we were planning on doing it ourselves, but ended up paying to get it done. No pics of your shiny new floor? :-)

iTripped said...

Thanks for that. Sorry, no pics - the digicam died, remember?

Also, just because the flooring is done, does NOT mean that we have baseboards installed.