Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My ibook es teh SUPAR!

Yeah, don't ask me why I chose the title I did today. I think it is funny when I see intentionally misspelled text for some reason. I'm sure my wife will roll her eyes and make some comment about my degree in English and how useful it has been for me.

I explain to her that it was so long ago, my degree was actually in ye Olde English and therefore not relevant today. She's not buying it.

Anyway, the other, more important reason for today's title is because I installed some extra RAM in the trusty iBook last night. As usual, I was a little nervous about opening it up - too many times in the past I have tinkered with some gadget, only to end up with a dead patient on the operating table. So before opening it up, I had to once again search out instructions online - you know, to idiot proof the process. This meant I needed pictures. So after finding the illustrated how-to on (thanks again hon, for searching it out) I proceeded to do the deed.

I think I was a little too nervous - after putting the RAM in and booting it up, it was sluggish and the RAM was not recognized. So I open it up again, re-insert the RAM and try again. No luck. I was scared of forcing it and causing breakage. My wife, who was watching and getting much enjoyment out of the whole process, quipped "well the third time is the charm, take another look." This time I was able to seat the RAM properly. I didn't have it inserted all the way in my earlier attempts. Sure enough, on bootup, all 768 MB were recognized. Whew. The doctor can relax now.

Cost of the RAM - free, thanks to connections. Cost of the install - I figure a few weeks shaved off my life due to self imposed stress, so no biggie. Being able to play Vendetta Online again - Priceless.


scrpiron said...

English degree, what english degree? Weren't you in almost all the same classes i was?

iTripped said...

Uh, unlike you, I also managed to pick up a minor in English. Basically, just enough to warrant the ribbing. Nevermind that it was comprised of literature courses and not grammar.