Sunday, April 02, 2006

I missed most of April Fool's

About the only April Fool's gag I caught was Google's dating service, which was pretty funny. I think that last year there was a lot more, or maybe because the day fell on a Saturday this year I just didn't see as much.

If any of you were aware of other shenanigans that happened on the web for this year's April Fool's please let me know.

As for what I have been up to, well more concrete pouring. It looks like I am going to need more than was initially purchased - lots more. Which is okay, I guess I can look at what I have done so far as practice, with much more to come. By the time I put the vinyl floor down, it should have a very smooth surface, and should also have less of a drop from the door. I'm still looking for that quick and easy home renovation project though. It seems all of mine have hidden 'gotchas' attached to them, increasing time and effort required.

Oh yeah - I absolutely HATE the time change in the Spring. The whole losing an hour concept is not what I like about this. Things in the Fall are much better.

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scrpiron said...

no web ones, but I did put curtains in my buddy's pickup.