Monday, January 16, 2006

Returning home

When I took this picture, all was well. We were ahead of schedule, the weather was clear, the drive was pleasant. We were making good time and enjoying the drive.

About an hour later, we had engine trouble. We were still about two hours from home.

I noticed the engine started burning oil when I saw clouds of smoke coming out the back. The engine was running very rough and I had a loss of power. We limped into Kamloops and attempted to have a mechanic look at it, but they were too busy so we opted to continue limping the Jeep home from there. I took it easy, and we made it.

It turns out that we blew the valve seal, which caused oil to spray over most of the electrical components, including the spark plugs, distributor cap, wiring, etc. Repair with a tune up will cost us about $500, or we could opt to get things running smooth without fixing the valve cover leak for about $300. Of course, more leaky oil over new components would simply mean having to fix this again in the future, so I opted to get it all done now. Not the best timing for this sort of thing, but at least it will be done. By this afternoon, it better be the smoothest running Jeep ever.


Adrian said...

Is that photo on the Coq? The weather took a turn for the worse today. Hope your car troubles get worked out

iTripped said...

Yeah, thanks. It's in the shop again today, hopefully to be fixed this time.

The shot in the post was taken about half an hour south of Merritt, headed north. The banner shot was also taken around the same time, just a little further down the road.

The Coq is an amazing highway - I really like it. I used to drive the connector to Kelowna, but always hated that stretch of road, mostly because of the steepness, and lack of double lanes. Now I tend to drive all the way to Kamloops because it is easier, and I feel safer.