Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Good news, Bad news

The good news is that I did not spend more money on the Jeep yesterday.
The good news is I still have the Jeep, and amazingly enough, it still runs.
The good news is we made it back to Vernon safely and without the aid of a tow-truck.

The bad news is my Jeep is still not fixed.
The bad news is we blew a piston, so we would need to replace the entire engine to fix this problem.
The bad news is an engine replacement will cost about $2,600 after taxes.

The good news is the mechanic will credit me the time he has already worked on the car, reducing the price to roughly $2,200.

The bad news is that it's not worth putting that much money into the Jeep.
The bad news is that I'll have to come up with an alternative method of transportation.

The good news is there is a bus route that goes from my door to only a couple blocks away from work.
The good news is that we should only have another couple months until Spring arrives. (work with me here.)
The good news is I have a Jeep for sale? Lots of new parts! Make me an offer.


wiwian said...

I am glad you make it home safe, dave.

car problem always suck, that is why I sold dracula in the first place (but damn it is still up and running after two years!)

metamator said...

yeah and you know if it lasts 2 years with williams driving thats like 10 with a grandma behind the wheel.

auto abandoner said...

Donate it to charity!