Thursday, January 12, 2006

First stop in Vancouver: sushi

Well we survived the trip to the Lower Mainland, and after getting gas and dropping off our stuff, our first stop was at Metrotown mall, for some sushi.

Please note, when I took this photo, I was going for true gwilli style. For those of you who eat lunch at the village, you will know what I mean.

We ate light, as we already had dinner plans with family, but the food was tasty. After eating sushi, we checked out one of the other stores in the mall that sold anime products. I don't remember the name of the store, but they had DVDs, comic books, plush toys and other action figures. We have been watching anime on YTV lately, and so it was kind of cool to see stuff for those shows for sale.

We really miss the 'big city'. Can you tell?


gwilli said...

I'm honoured, dave.

and I think that photo is awesome. it is clearly metrotown. even though it is far from clear.

mad props.

iTripped said...

Heh. Well I could make up some bogus line about me wanting to keep the raindrops on the car in focus, but I kinda knew that nobody would buy it. I have this stupid setting on the camera to switch between closeup and distanct shots, and I'm always forgetting to check it, hence the 'visual effect' in the shot.

Still, I liked the colours, so decided to use it. But really I'm more impressed with the webcam photo I linked in the prior post, as it is continually updating.

gwilli said...

yeah, that cam is cool... except even though it keeps updating, every time I look, it looks the same. snow covered road. yesterday: snowcovered road. today: snowcovered road. last week: snowcovered road.

you should collect images from it, and animate it. I got a little script craig made for that, if you want.

iTripped said...

Well I for me it was snow covered road in daylight, snow covered road at night, snow covered road with tanker in picture, snow covered road in daylight, etc.