Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's been five years

Happy Anniversary dessert
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My fifth wedding anniversary is on Friday. To say that I have learned a lot about marriage is only slightly less of an understatement than to say I have a lot more to learn about marriage. Still, there have been many more good times than bad, and I can honestly say I still love my wife.

I'm not entirely sure what we will do to celebrate this year, but rest assured, we will do something to remember this milestone. The pictures displayed are from an anniversary gone by (our third, I think) and I would say they capture the spirit of the upcoming occasion.
Eaten Anniversary Dessert

The second picture is my favorite of the two. We ate at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts which is located on Granville Island. The students run a classy french restaurant that shouldn't be missed. It's one of our 'secret places' when in Vancouver and I highly reccomend it. Note the two forks - neither one of us had much room left after our meal.

UPDATE: For those who are curious, Holly and I decided to spend the day like this: We slept in late and then headed out to an organic berry farm to pick red and black currants, as well as some gooseberries. After that, we went out to a local restaurant to have English High Tea. Then it was off to the lake, to let the dog have a swim, which neccessitated our returning home to change clothes. Later that evening we headed over to the marina for some dinner and finished the evening with some fireworks.

Oh yeah, and I have been corrected. The dessert pictured here was from our FOURTH anniversary, not our third.


Susan Taylor Brown said...

Hey, congrats on the 5 years. We celebrated 5 years last October.

How goes the flying? I'm about to dive into a major revision of my YA novel in which a plane has a starring role, a Cessna 310, ala Sky King.

iTripped said...

Alas, the flying is just a dream for now. I really should have titled my website 'Life gets in the way of dreams,' since that seems to be true for me on most days.

Having said that, dreams give me direction, so one day (hopefully soon) I will start taking lessons. For now though, I'm more of an armchair pilot, which is just fine by my wife.

Susan Taylor Brown said...

That's why I write. It's so much safer than actually DOING those things. :-) Do you read about writing? Richard Bach's collection of short stories, A Gift of Wings, is one of my favorites.

scrpiron said...

Happy belated anniversary, yup, I lost track of time again. Wow, 5 years, it seems so much shorter, but then that's life.