Sunday, January 24, 2010

To Fly Naked, or Not to Fly

We now have scanners at the Vancouver Airport that can see through my underwear. You know, just in case I have stuffed a bomb in my crotch. It makes me wonder what is next, aside from the collapse of the airline industry as everyday people decide the extra hassles are no longer worth it.

I mean really, how much time is saved by flying if I have to be at the airport three or four hours before my flight is scheduled? Now that I cannot carry on most of my things there is no way to avoid another hour or more waiting for my checked in baggage so before you know it, flying ANYWHERE is an all-day affair. In many cases, the simple solution is going to be to drive. At least then I won't be subjected to digital strip searches that achieve nothing.

Isn't this what the terrorists wanted in the first place? So much for ideals.


Shawn said...

Yup, so now their next task will be to bomb the roads.

iTripped said...

Shut up with the crazy talk! Some politician might hear you and thing it's brilliant.