Saturday, January 09, 2010

Bring on the World

The Olympics are just a few short weeks away and I for one am pretty excited about it. I don't even have any tickets to any of the events. I just like seeing the extra activity, I'll take part in whatever public activities take place and will certainly have fun commuting into the office with the rest of the world. Literally.

There are so many people in town speaking negatively about it and for what? Because they will be slightly inconvenienced for a period of a couple weeks. I suspect they are the same folks who complain about the Festival of Light, any parades or any other events held in the city. Get over yourselves already. So what if a bunch of rich people make money over this event. News flash: a bunch of rich people make money on each hockey game you enjoy watching. Like those concerts that come to town? Same rich folks profit there too.

Honestly, for once I would like to see the people in this town at least try to be friendly and hospitable. It's not every year that the entire world shows up to visit. Try to make them feel comfortable at least.

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Derek said...

Rumour has it that Womyn's Ware on Commercial Drive is stocking up on all sorts of, er, marital aids, because experience tells them that big national and international events bring in crowds wanting to purchase sex toys they can't get at home -- especially in smaller towns or countries that make it difficult to find such things.

So some visitors will leave happy.