Thursday, January 21, 2010

How did I forget a title?

Well it wouldn't be Vancouver without some over the top drama, I guess. Yesterday, they reported that Whistler Blackcomb went into foreclosure - just days before the Olympics are scheduled to take place there. Additionally, it's been rather mild here in Vancouver - so much so that local ski hills like Cypress have been desperately trying to keep snow from melting off the mountain. Finally, add to that a disgruntled local population who feel their sense of entitlement has been dashed with the planned road closures and you have the perfect backdrop for an Olympic event on the West Coast.

Like they say at McDonald's (the Official restaurant of the Olympics, don'tcha know): I'm lovin

I got an email the other day from my cousin in Burnaby and it was just filled with links to describe all the other events going on around town for the Olympics. There is way more in that list than I ever hope to see, but after reading it I know for sure that there are several things that I plan to check out. I'm still sorting through it right now, but as we get closer to the main event, I for one, remain enthused.

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