Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Vancouver - Windy city

Downtown Vancouver
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This is what Downtown Vancouver looked like this morning. Clear, calm skies, It was a nice commute into the office.
Last night, the winds were so bad that Vancouver's newest skyscraper, the Shangri La had things blown off it. Things like sheets of plywood and plates of glass. One sheet of plywood went through a car parked on a nearby street. After that, well the local police blocked off every street within a 2 block radius. I was very happy to not be driving downtown last night, to say the least.

The wind was fun though - it's not often that we get wind like that (I didn't check the weather so I can't say how hard it was blowing) but there were times when we pedestrians were having fun trying to walk in a straight line. It reminded me of when a hurricane would blow into town back in Halifax.

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