Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Resolve To

No, this is not going to be one of those 'resolutions' New Year's posts. Last year I actually made good on my resolution and did not broadcast it here, so I will take the same approach this year too. Hopefully with the same measure of success.

The year 2007 was good to me. I'm hoping that 2008 continues this trend and that's really about all I'm asking for. We certainly traveled a lot in 2007, going to Germany, the US and also a trip back to the east coast.
Wow, this reads like a book report. I must have nothing to say. Confession time: I just like posting some of my pictures and add some 'blah blah' around it to make it look somewhat relevant. Not that it really matters since I'm one of those stereotypical bloggers who has maybe 1 or 2 others who casually glance at this page. But I embrace my banality and revel in the lack of any significant content. (I pay more attention to formatting out extra carriage returns and typos than to grammar or 'flow'.)

So: for 2008, I pledge to continue to blog in the same non-relevant, unfocused style. Like many other things, I hope that 2008 is merely a continuation of the things I enjoyed in 2007. Happy new year, reader!

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