Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Banks are evil

Banks only love you when they want your money. They are very good at not showing the love when you want their money, even when you 'deserve' it. Okay, I'm tired and that line made little to no sense. I recently had a fight with my bank because they mailed my replacement Visa card to my old address (Our mortgage is with them too so why they felt we would stay at the old place is beyond me.)

We rarely use this card so we did not notice. I finally did try to use it and discovered the expiry date had passed. Of course, I was using it to book a trip for a friend's wedding (none of my friends think it would be cool to get married locally) and so of course I had to book by a certain time to book with the wedding party.

For some strange reason my bank could not grasp this concept. I would tell them I needed my new card in a week and they would suggest an option that takes 7 - 10 business days. Even when there were options that would take less time. Eventually I had called so often that I knew all the buttons to press to get to a real person and had memorized postal codes, birth dates, mother's maiden names, etc so well that they thought I was reading from notes.

At this point my story is not yet done. Either tomorrow or Thursday I should get a new card, which is one day sooner than I need it. But so much has gone wrong this far that I am overly skeptical. As usual I only report the bad news so look forward to more griping to come.

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