Thursday, April 26, 2007

iTripped 2.0

I have finally moved out of the computing stone age. I'm not exactly post-modern, but must at least be into the age of Industrialization. What am I talking about? I finally upgraded my antique computer.

For those who know me, you understand that my purchasing decisions tend to be price driven - that is to say, I'm all about not spending too much money.

The place I bought my computer at is called Anitec and while I cannot speak to the reliability of the product or how well they do at servicing (I just got it yesterday) I can say that unlike other local computer stores, this one has a much more professional showroom. In some ways it was like Best Buy or Futureshop, although I would say that the format was reversed. What I mean is in the big box stores, there is a lot of space dedicated to showing pre-configured systems ready for purchase, and a small area at the back where you can buy components. At Anitec, a store that caters to computing enthusiasts, the format is to have about half a dozen pre-built systems on display near the front of the store, and then about two thirds of the area set up to showcase the various components available.

The important difference here is that the store is well lit, clean and uncluttered. It feels professional - like they are probably going to still be in business a year or two from now. I realize this is no way to judge such things - the point I am trying to make is that this store had the same feel of permanence that the big box stores do, as compared to the independent computer shop tucked away between the pizza parlour and the dry cleaner.

Let's just hope that the same attention to detail went into the building of my computer.

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