Monday, April 09, 2007

Big screen entertainment

One thing is for sure - our cats are much happier in the new location. There is a sofa directly in front of the main window AND a heat register below it. So they get to sit and stare out the window on the comfortable (and heated) sofa. The food and water bowls are mere steps away.

Recent polls indicate that overall satisfaction is at an all-time high, yet participant comments indicate there is still room for improvement (ie. house is still dog-infested, mandatory confinement at night reduces opportunities to scrounge in the kitchen, that sort of stuff.)

To add to the excitement, a robin has recently decided to build a nest in our patio area. This is what the two cats are staring at so intently. Since they are indoor cats, it should provide days of amusement for them without the robin getting it's feathers ruffled.

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