Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympics begin

After all the anticipation, the games are finally starting. We still don't have much snow but it does feel like the protesters have mostly left town and the extra space has been filled by those more interested in celebrating and having a good time.

I'm one of those looking to make the most of this event.

Things haven't really started yet but already so much has happened. Wether it is pre-olympic parties or watching the torch relay or just enjoying some of the many cultural exhibits, Vancouver already feels like it is in top gear. It's fun. It's a party. It's barely begun.

It's not completely clean - note the horse shit in the torch photo here. But we have been able to step around most of the shit and carry on. I mean, look at the last photo. People were swarming the torch bearers just to get photos of them. This is an enthused, happy crowd ready to welcome the world. I'm just glad to be here to participate.

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