Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Dishwasher

We bought a new dishwasher over the weekend and I took half a day off yesterday in order to swap out the old one for the new. The project was a bit challenging for my not-quite-so-handy hands but I'm happy to report a successful job.

The best part is that the new machine works. The old one doesn't, but that didn't stop someone from responding to our craigslist ad for a free non-working dishwashing machine. If they can fix it, I hope they make good use of it. It will just be nice to have someone come take it away.

I think this is now the second time I have gone to youtube.com to get advice or instructions on how to do a job. The first time was to learn about tiling, a job we eventually didn't do because when we went to get the tiles we left with more questions than we started.

Of course, it was Valentine's Day on Sunday and we did manage to celebrate the occasion. Pictured are some of the oysters we had as appetizers. The main course was steamed lobster served with butter and well, I was too busy removing the shells to take pictures. Maybe next year.

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