Monday, June 15, 2009

The ride is this weekend!

I was on the phone with my parents this weekend when a strange but delightful thing happened: my Dad gave me a hard time for not blogging more regularly. He was subtle about it but got his point across - he gets bored waiting to see if I have updated things or not. I suppose if I wanted to I could introduce him to the wonders of RSS feeds but that might be rushing things a bit. I gave them a lesson on how browser tabs work recently - maybe I should see how that goes first.
In other news, the taser graffiti artist strikes again! It seems I am a bit behind the times in reporting this one - the office staff went out for lunch at a local eatery and noticed this on the way back - but some of them were blase about it since they noticed it a few weeks ago. Why I was not informed is still under investigation. More on this as it develops.

Oh, remember that little tree I posted about last time? Seems we have had our first garden casualty. A local squirrel decided to dig it up and make a midnight snack out of the chestnut that was 'planted'. Perhaps it was the same squirrel who planted it. This leaves a grand total of zero plants in my garden this year. At least I have been out on the patio to barbecue some tasty meals (well, manage the BBQ while Holly cooks something amazing.) You can see Louise strategically positioned to make nice with our neighbors, who like to reach through the fence to pet her. They often are cooking up something tasty and Louise remains hopeful although it hasn't panned out for her yet.

Oh, and yes my ride to Conquer Cancer is this weekend. I've been trying to get the last few things together in preparation. The anticipation is certainly building and I'm getting nervous about forgetting something. I'm sure I will, I just hope it's nothing too crucial.

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