Thursday, June 18, 2009

Forecasting rain

Gone are the hopes and delusions of two hot and sunny days this weekend. Reality has taken it's place, with a weather forecast of a decidedly mixed nature. We will have rain. We will have cloud. There is a slight chance of sun. How very typically Northwest.

So yesterday I finally got some fenders. It wasn't as straightforward as I hoped because my bike wasn't really built to have fenders installed.
Consequently, most fender designs just don't work. I did manage to find some plastic ones that will at least give me some coverage though. Today I am going back to get some rain pants and a breathable cycling jacket. Possibly get any other last minute odds and ends too.

I was out for a quick ride this morning, just to make sure I still feel good on the bike. This week has been pretty relaxed though, without much riding so that I can be well rested for this weekend. To that end I managed to get a photo of this guy today. There were a lot of herons out, I guess because the tide was low. This was the best photo I got since most of them were pretty far away from the seawall. Either that, or the photo just turned out blurry.

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